I was born in Saskatchewan, but raised in Thunder Bay. I've spent the majority of my life living here. I grew up doodling, drawing, and painting. I have always painted every change that I had. Up to this point, my life has been geared to raising my family. Now I am ready, able, and eager to reinvest in my passion.

I enjoy using all mediums: oils, watercolours and acrylics for my paintings. I have also tried some more unconventional mediums, such as oils on refurbished window panes and acrylic on wood carvings.

I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty around me. I enjoy the outdoors and pull motivation for my paintings from there. Living in Thunder Bay is a perfect place for this.

I put my soul into my paintings and every one is a part of me. It is my passion to share who I am with the world through my art.