From the early years, I have been inspired by the love of nature. Whether it was butterflies or frogs, kittens or leaves, sunsets or the first snow, all these things have brought joy to my life. I feel that there is no better way to express the beauty and uniqueness of every detail of creation than through my painting. I remember taking art classes in elementary school and being thrilled when my drawings of animals actually looked real. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed working with my hands: sewing, knitting, needle work, and ceramics and I finally discovered drawing again after retiring from a career of nursing. This led to painting in oils and watercolours and drawing with graphite and pen.

I love to sketch from the natural world and develop my pictures working in ink and/or watercolours. I enjoy and am fascinate with, the unpredictability and softness of the watercolour paint on paper.

I work with subjects such as animals, birds, flowers, buildings, landscapes, and, recently I have been blessed with two grandsons who I delight capturing on my paper.

I take great pleasure in traveling widely and taking local classes, learning all I can from great teachers. I display my pictures at 55 Plus and in Gallery 33.