My interest in art began as a child growing up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan. My winter nights were spent drawing my favourite farm animal - horses - over and over and over!!! That, however, was the extent of my art "career" until much later in life when the creative urge was rekindled and I began pursuing many interests including gardening, wood carving, floral design, folk art painting, pencil drawing, pen & ink drawing, and watercolour painting. My most recent venture is into the world of abstract acrylic painting.

I seek out opportunities to learn new techniques and to improve upon current skills. I have been fortunate to learn from many of our local artists: Hildegard Whittle-Pflug, Doris Kramer, Gladys Postans, Biljana Baker. Greg Zelinski, Lee Fidler - to name a few. I have also taken every opportunity to attend workshops taught by renowned Canadian and American artists: Gord McKenzie, Ron Hazell, Doug Mayes, Barry Coombs, Anthony Steffes, Linda Kemp, Karen Knutson, and Karlyn Holman. I am grateful for the encouragement I receive from these artists and am inspired by their talents.

I paint mainly for my own pleasure and as gifts for friends and family. I am pleased to be able to donate annually to the Thunder Bay Art Gallery's fundraising auction, as well as many other fundraising events in the City. As a member of the Lakehead Visual Arts, I have displayed at the BBAC at the waterfront (formerly the Marina Gallery), and Gallery 33 on Cumberland Street.