I picked up a paint brush in 2006 and found a form of expression in the watercolour medium. My original goal was to find a hobby that would allow me to pass the time of day during my retirement in 2011, but found that painting became more than a hobby.

I was born in Petrolia Ontario, moved with my family to various cities along the Great Lakes before settling in Thunder Bay (Fort William) in 1965. I have fond memories of time spent, as a child, at the cottage on Lake Huron, a short drive from Petrolia, and as a teenager and young adult at the family resort on Scotch Lake, between English River and Ignace Ontario.

I attended several workshops of various national and international artist and implemented the knowledge learnt from workshops into my paintings. My painting inspirations come from my experiences of the various surroundings that I grew up in, as well as, from my travels to the west coast, southern Ontario, around the City of Thunder Bay and surrounding Districts. Being an avid outdoors person, I am always in awe of the dramatic way in which nature sculpts the earth, water and sky.

Edgar Whitney once stated "As an Artist, we are entertainers, shape makers and symbol collectors." My goal as an Artist, is to not only entertain the viewer with the dramatic forces of natures' brilliant colours and shape, but to also provide a mood and/or feeling that inspires as well.


South Gillies Barn

Lake Huron Shoreline

Winter Farmhouse