Learning and studying have always been a large part of my life. My thirst for knowledge was fulfilling, challenging and great preparation for my career in teaching and for my practice in clinical psychology. Retirement brought an unplanned journey along the path of watercolour painting.

Having no formal training, I needed to know, learn about, and have experiences in the art process in order to grow. I began attending art classes in our city and abroad, working with prominent international artists. My newly discovered desire to paint has set me on a path and journey that is both exciting and filled with adventure.

The paint brush is like the hand of a friend ready to express each and every experience. I am inspired by the beauty and love of the landscape from both my birthplace of rural Saskatchewan and that of my current home in Northwestern Ontario. My constant awe of the magnificent dance of nature compels me to paint what I see and feel. The emotion and energy of which I hope to share in my paintings with others. My artwork can be found on display at a number of venues in Thunder Bay and in my home studio.


Marina Fun


Crystal Wine Dance